This enables you to run a non-recurring payout but can be done to multiple recipients. Can be accessed by Create New > Single Payout. On click you get to this page shown below.

Step to make a single/Bulk payouts

  • Select the Payment Gateway to use. (currently we have mpesa gateway but bank will be coming soon) so click on proceed with mpesa.
  • This step you add all the recipients that would like to pay. You can add a new user/recipient, select from existing users/recipients or import users/recipients from an excel. As shown below.

Under recipients choose the option you want  to use to add recipients.

  • After you enter all the recipients you will have something like this
  • Confirm the recipients and if there is an error edit or remove the recipient who need not to be there.
  • Edit the transaction policy i.e Payment transaction sharing.Either the transaction cost is shared ,paid by the sender or paid by receiver . As shown below.
  • click on I have verified the user continue. A confirmation pin will be sent to the company admin and a text field will appear where you are supposed to enter the pin. As shown below.

  • After you enter the pin click on verify the pin and the total amount will be deducted from your wallet and sent to your recipient(s).