Adding and viewing branches

Your company can have one or more branches. To view company branches: Click on the menu ‘Settings’ Select ‘Branches’ How to add a branch To add a company branch: Click on the menu ‘Settings’ Select ‘Branches’ Click the button ‘New Branch’ Enter branch name Click ‘Save’ 1+

Edit and delete documents

This will give you a chance edit the document. This can be accessed by: Click on the document Click on the + button next to the category name. Then on actions button select the edit document   A pop up like shown below will appear and be able to edit the document. Delete Document This […]

Create and view documents

This enables you to create a document for any employee To access this by clicking on documents then select New Document  a pop up like shown below will appear. Select the document category and Employee Name and enter other details before choosing  the document to upload. View Documents To view all the employees documents; Click […]

Add and edit user a roles

For users to be able to manage data in your company, you need to create and assign roles. To view the roles page: Click the menu ‘Settings’ Select ‘Roles’ How to add a role A role can have one or more permissions. It is these permissions that determine what a user with a particular role […]

Users’ Settings

Users are the people entitled with roles to manipulate or manage system’s data. When you create a company, you invite users and assign them roles to assist in data management. To view users of your company: Click the menu ‘Settings’ Select ‘Users’ How to invite a user or a member to your company If you […]

Recharge/Top up you account wallet

This enables you to topup your wallet or recharge your account. It can be accessed by clicking on my wallet below the account name as show below: Then click on > Recharge Account . On click on this link you get a tabbed page with  Mpesa tab,Equitel tab and Bank Transfer tab. As shown below. […]