View Payout History

his page gives you an overview of what you have paid out, transaction charges and the number of payouts you have run. To access this page just user Payout History. The page is as shown below. 0

Editing and deleting recurring payout

On the page below i.e Create New > Recurring Payout. There is a list of all the recurring payouts. Each recurring payout have an action column with  three buttons named pay, edit and delete. On click the edit button a pop up will appear and be able to edit the recurring payout as shown on […]

Run Recurring Payouts

This enables you to run a recurring payouts depending on the frequency you decide. Can be accessed by Create New > Recurring Payout. On click you get to this page shown below. Creating a recurring payout On the above page click on Create New recurring Payout and a new page as shown below will appear […]

Run Single/Bulk Payouts

This enables you to run a non-recurring payout but can be done to multiple recipients. Can be accessed by Create New > Single Payout. On click you get to this page shown below. Step to make a single/Bulk payouts Select the Payment Gateway to use. (currently we have mpesa gateway but bank will be coming soon) […]

Add, View and edit Payout Groups

This enables you to group all your recipients according. This can be accessed by: On dashboard > the 3rd card >just below it there is a Recipients heading with two sub heading: All Recipients All Groups. View Payout Groups Click on All Groups to view all the groups as shown below Add a group On […]

Add, View and edit Payout Recipients

Payouts Recipients are the people you wish to send money to. Adding a Recipient This menu item enables you to create a new recipient record to the list of recipients.It can be accessed through Recipients> Add New Recipient. The page that is being displayed on click of this button gives a pop up as shown […]

Introduction to Payouts

This is a module that enables you to manage your payouts and be able to pay your employees with easy. It has different features such as single payouts,recurring payouts. The landing page of the Payout is as shown below: 0